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Plato's Closet Iowa City


Our previously marked (50% off) clearance items are now priced even lower! All clearance items are less than $7. 

$1 - Purses & Accessories

$2 - Casual & Dress shoes

$3 - Long Sleeves, Athletic Jackets, Athletic Tops, & Skirts

$5 - Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Denim, Dresses, Other Pants, Athletic Pants, & Boots!

$7 - Light & Heavy Outerwear 

Leading up to the BIGGEST SALE of the year, our Grab Bag sale. Learn more here

Accessories - Athletic Wear - Boots - Denim - Short Sleeves - T-Shirts

Selling is easy!

1. Clean out your closet. Look for items you aren't wearing anymore but are
still popular styles and trends from the past year.

2. Bring your items into the store! Freshly laundered, please.
It also helps if they're in a container--a plastic bag, a box, whatever will keep them together!

3. Let us do our magic: we assess each item on style, brand, condition and demand. 

4. If it works for us, we'll make you an offer--and you'll have cash in your pocket!


Our Location

Plato's Closet Iowa City

1801 Second Street
Coralville, IA 52241


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Want to sell your stuff?

What we're buying:

What We're Buying

Athletic wear, dresses, shoes, boots and purses are a few of our top-sellers right now.

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